Restorative Yoga


You can not, physiologically be anxious and relaxed at the same time.

Judith Hanson Lasater

I was seeking of ways to calm anxiety and panic when my yoga journey began, at the Integral Yoga Institute in NYC.  The IYI embodies the Satchidananda’s teachings, where the goal for all people is to have an easeful body, a peaceful mind,and a useful life. Classes were lightly challenging but mostly calming postures, pranayama (breath work) relaxation and cleansing practices to purify and strengthen the body and mind.  Exactly what I needed.

Now, with years of practice and teacher training, I’ve adopted the tools needed to ease those emotions and calm my central nervous system.  This is now my gift, honor and privilege to give to you.

 When you take my class you’re transitioned from the outside in.  You are welcomed to a peaceful atmosphere where we begin the practice of calming the breath to draw ourselves inward, slowly, toward the fluctuations of our consciousness. You’re given techniques for which to sit with your thoughts or discomfort.

 I will help you shift from physical, mental, and emotional agitation to a state of serenity and clarity of mind.   We do this combing breathwork, meditation and grounding & supportive postures for the body.

You’re invited to join our class Tuesday evenings, 8:30 weekly at MangOh yoga, or you can request private sessions.