Eons ago; in Junior High, there was a gym teacher who introduced me to yoga, Ms. Gellar.  She was very ahead of her time.  Yoga was an unknown in the late 80's.  As a teen with plenty of anxiety, I never forgot the few moments I experienced inner peace on the gym floor.  Years later, when I graduated from college with even more anxiety and panic, I remembered that teacher from Junior High.  I sought out Yoga in NYC and came upon the Integral Yoga Center on 13th and 7th.  I was psyched, I was hooked!  I LOVE IT!  YOGA WAS FOR ME. Yoga became a part of me. 

I wanted to pursue Yoga as a career and went to a few teacher training workshops but I never thought I could take the risk to teach and throw away my then corporate salary. So, instead I climbed up the corporate ladder.  Higher up upon that ladder I met my husband, married and  gave birth to our son, this little handsome boy (pictured).

 With my career came a great deal of full time responsibility, so did this little guy.  I was pulled in both directions.    I made a choice, took a hiatus to fulfill a 20 year dream.   The miracle of my son, proved to me that I was capable of seeing my other dreams come true so after much thought, calls to 1,500 friends and a group called the "Path Moms"(www.capesco.com) I went for it.  I got certification 200RYT from PURE YOGA.  

Today I work full time,  teach yoga and raise our child.  It sounds like a lot and sometimes it feel like it is.  Yoga always takes the lead.  When frustration kicks in or the 'woe is me', I come back to my practice.  I am at my best when I am present and in a full state of awareness.  I am the most grateful and the most fulfilled when I connect with others on this plane.  I am most excited when I enter a yoga class.  This is MY choice.  There are still struggles, for ALL OF US.   With a yoga practice I  am able to see them and not become them.   Our struggles are part of our story.  Our struggles are our teachers.  For them, for yoga, for my husband and son, I am grateful.