Corporate Yoga   

As previous National Sales Manager, I understand the need to re-boot both our energy and mind.  Nothing influences the creative process more than by seeing things in another perspective.  When sitting at a desk for periods of time, our focus tends to become narrowed.  Whenever we step away and turn things upside down we come back to them with renewed perspective.  I am a professional that can relate to the companies goals. Employee happiness is a crucial part of success.  I will assist your employees to become less stressed, refreshed and more productive. Classes will focus on relieving stress, core building, strength building and flexibility. Contact for more information and pricing.  

Private Yoga

 Whether you're a beginner, want to deepen your practice in the privacy of your own space, or if you have specific health issues or an injury that you want to address I create a practice that is geared to your specific needs.  Blending focused instruction on alignment and breath, hands on assists and demonstration to properly fine tune your practice.

 I teach couples as well. (scroll to peaceful Bryan and Katie below).

PRICING as follows: Singles or a Couple $125,  3-4 ppl $175.