Essential Oils, My Why

I was first introduced to essential oils in my yoga teaching mentorship.  The studio owner asked that if we had a class of 15 or less that we sweep the occipital lobe of each student with an essential oil in savasana. The students and I found it to be very soothing and you can see the student drop deeper into relaxation after the assist.

Soon after, while reading Elena Brower's newsletter Teach.Yoga I read and listened to a link that she posted about her use of essential oils.  I was intrigued so I started sniffing around (pun intended) to find out more about oils.  Coincidently, it was also allergy season and  I am allergic to spring.   It starts with sinus congestion that leads to a post nasal drip that leads to airway constriction and bronchial inflammation which leads to the feeling that someone is standing on my chest which is an asthmatic response. I then turn to steroid inhalers.  I don't like these at all as there are a ton of uncomfortable side effects.  So while reading about oils I came across a suggestion to use lemon, lavender and peppermint and that would take away my symptoms.  Wait! Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint were going to replace my inhalers??? Yeh, right!!  It was worth a try.   After a few days and many applications,  I was able to ween off my inhalers and spend the rest of the season with lemon, lavender and peppermint.   The healing was miraculous to me.  I should emphasize that this worked for ME.  Everyone is different but I would recommend trying it to anyone.  

Needless to say, I was hooked.  I was breathing, smelled great, refreshed and wanted to learn more.  So, I joined Elena's team and became a dōTERRA wellness advocate.  I have learned SO MUCH and I use essential oils multiple times a day.  Every morning with jojoba oil on my face with frankinscense for bright shiny skin. YlangYlang with my deodorant for it's glorious scent and not that I have it but it helps support high blood pressure.  I drop lemon in my sink for a burst of freshness in the kitchen.  In the evening I use lavender diluted with coconut oil to help my little boy calm down and get to bed.  Having a 4 year old means that there are 12 other four year olds in school with him everyday with lots of germs.  I diffuse ON GUARD, an immunity blend and knock wood, we've not been sick yet.  My husband loves Maleluca (tea tree) and we made him an aftershave of Witch Hazel, Maleluca and Peppermint.  He loves it.  My husband is a hockey player and me, a yogi, we can't live without DEEP BLUE for our muscles.  It's like an all natural ben gay.  

Essential oils are used for emotional support, physical support and mental support, just like yoga. When I found yoga 22 years ago I always knew I wanted everyone to understand its magic and one day I'd be one to teach it.  Now with essential oils, I'm not going to wait 22 years to spread the word.  NOW is a perfect time.  

Our super supportive team is growing as we share and learn about oils together.  Browse the oils here

Not "if", But "please" use your Block

When did tight hamstrings become a crime?  I recently caught myself cueing, "if you need a block then frame your front foot with your block".  I've heard this in many, many yoga classes.  As it was coming out of my mouth, I felt a "scratch the record" screech inside.  I would've rather said "please" use your blocks.  Blocks are available to us in class for a great reason.  They help us  to achieve space in our body so that we can send medicinal breath throughout.  What does that mean?  It means,  if you're limbs are short (or tall), if your muscles aren't ready, if your hips are not open and your struggling in a pose, then you will be holding your breath.   If we are holding our breath then we will never create the space in our body to breathe which encourages more flexibility.    To teach the body how to become more flexible physically means to have small incremental changes until we reach the point that we can be in a pose and breathe in a pose and release the block. Then as your PRACTICE (that's why we call it that) evolves, we slowly but surely  will find more room to move and to fill the spaces of the body with breath.  

So, PLEASE, use the block.  ENJOY the block. And don't shame your hamstrings. 

Namaste :)